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> Carl Glassman, “Wally’s World,” THE TRIBECA TRIB, October, 2006

In recent years, Tribeca artist Barbara Siegel has created installations about unusual people. There’s a piece inspired by bearded ladies, and one about a widow who lives permanently aboard the QE2, and then there is a work recognizing the late Melvin Burkhart, aka “Human Blockhead,” who was famous for hammering nails up his nose...

> Barbara Siegel, “ROCK STARS: Art and Mineralogy,” CENTRAL BOOKING MAGAZINE, Volume II, Issue 2,  April, 2011

One morning in February, 2002, I was reading the New York Times when I came across the obituary of Harvard mineralogist, Cli!ord Frondel. Frondel, who died at 95, had been a Renaissance man of rocks and minerals. During his lifetime, he discovered and named forty-eight new minerals and was one of an elite group of scientists recruited by NASA to examine the first moon rocks from the 1969 Apollo 11 expedition...

> Ruth E. Kott, “Hairy tales,” UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, February, 2010

Artist Barbara Siegel, AB’69, is inspired by extraordinary people. Her installation “Women with Beards,” for example, focuses on 12 real-life bearded ladies, most from the 19th century...

> Susan Robinson, “Mineral Artist,” ROCKS AND MINERALS, Volume 85, March - April, 2010

Barbara Siegel has created, with her art, a different approach to honor the famous mineralogist Clifford Frondel. After reading his extensive obituary in the New York Times in November 2002, Siegel realized she had found a kindred spirit in Frondel with his interest in rocks and minerals, and she wanted to express that feeling with a special solo exhibit focusing on the breadth of his work...

> Carl Little, “Barbara Siegel at A.I.R.,” ART IN AMERICA, February, 2007

The six-part installation that constituted Barbara Siegel’s second solo exhibition at A.I.R, (she last showed there in 1997) highlighted the New York City-based artist’s empathetic response to American culture in all its diverse and remarkable guises...

> Nancy Princenthal, “Artist’s Book Beat,”ART ON PAPER, July - August, 2002

...The Lint Collection is an unapologetic journal of irreproducible results - a weekly planner of small, happy surprises.

> Charlotta Kotik, “Barbara Siegel's Walls of Wonders,” essay for ARBORETUM BROCHURE, August, 2011

Witches’ broom, the shaggy and rather unbecoming motley of twigs that can afflict trees and shrubs is an unlikely inspiration for seasoned installation artist Barbara Siegel, but this peculiar growth mutation led indirectly to her most recent installation: Arboretum...

> Nancy Weiss, "New York artist pays tribute to the work of horticulturist Sid Waxman,"  NATURALLY@UCONN, Summer / Spring 2012